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Horses Empower Heroes (HEH)


Our Horses Empower Heroes (HEH) Program promotes self-sufficiency and emotional well-being of military veterans by enhancing cognitive, emotional and social growth. This empowering program utilizes unmounted, experiential equine-assisted activities and therapies (EAAT) that focus on helping the veteran to be self-aware in the present and to move forward in life, not reliving past trauma events. When combined with our trained staff, EAAT creates situations for healing and self-discovery. Through collaboration with James H. Quillen Mountain Home V.A., Johnson City, TN, we enhance the veteran’s services and therapies in order to foster recovery and maintain stability. Veterans from the Viet Nam to OEF/OIF (Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom) eras are being served.

Small Miracles Horse Key with Horses Empower Heroes Veteran during experiential Activity

  By partnering with our local V.A., we are helping ensure that veterans are receiving the intervention services necessary to recover and maintain stability. HEH objectives compliment the V.A.’s commitment of creating an environment that fosters recovery. “Recovery” is defined as a journey helping veterans rediscover hope, self-direction, empowerment, holistic understanding, non-linear growth, strength-based focus, peer support and personal responsibility requiring courage to meet personal goals leading to a positive life.

            Small Miracles Therapy Horse Hugs his Military Veteran

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